Friday, July 8, 2011

Little White Witch

I always knew that the law of attraction is a very powerful tool if one knows how to use it.. well it's almost the same as knowing how our mind works; we would be able to manifest almost anything we desire for in life.

Recently, I learned that creative journaling is almost the same as the law of attraction. Also the same as creating spells, you are writing down a wishlist except, instead of writing, you are drawing or painting.

When I was in Level 1 Art therapy training, painting my pain body and healing seemed similar to this concept; except that in my art journal,

I am painting what my heart desires most. As I paint, I am manifesting with the bottom of my heart of my deepest desire or wish. (I forgot to include- gratitude too)

I dugged out my old long-ish journal that is wrapped with white fabric- it was still empty and I recalled many years ago I was trying to figure out what to do with it. I like collecting notebooks and sketchbooks of all sorts. Its like, i'm reserving it for something divine to write in it.
I've seen many creative healers who does art journaling. Even a dear web friend- Shelley Klammer (Expressive Arts) who does intuitive collages does this as well. And its very empowering and effective. I used to think that painting about what hurts you will make you feel better. Well, in a way yes it does- but its always good to balance it with a healing picture. That way, your mind is readjusted while your entire energy is directed to manifesting THE healing picture that you have painted.

I remember as a little girl, I was un-self-concious when I paint. I used to draw fashion models and design clothings, and my mother was amazed with me. When I draw, I believed in it and I believed in myself. The feeling was great, and people started having faith in me too... sadly, it wasn't too long after that, that slowly I lost faith in myself and in my drawings.

You see, the world is always filled with blockages, and there I was stuck in the rut of blockages growing up; but hey, its okay. This is part of the mysterious journey called life- its been unfolding one at a time... though sometimes, I can feel the gentle silence when things are slowed down for abit... then one day when I wake up, I'm on my next journey.

I used to question God and his motive of making me go through adventures of all sorts; as time goes by, I'm starting to accept that this is meant for me. Every individual has a personal badge, biodata, mission report and unique skills or differences paired with individual suitable equipments. Mine's books, paintbrush, craft tools, music, a blog (lol!) and yes, video games! Don't laugh, you'd be surprised at how much one can learn from video games- its created by people who are equally unique and quirky as me while they journey through their paradox life creating games with paradox meanings. (Like Alice Returns: The Madness) Haha! Anyways, probably more to come.

Okay, so back to my art journal; sorry i tend to get off-tracked! I was thinking so much about having a new home; my current outer-world mission now is finding a suitable home for my mother and I and buying my FIRST new home. Of course, I have the finance part to fret about. So, I thought, hey, the friendly people at Light on Earth Centrepoint told me that it doesnt hurt to dream (but with the condition of being positive and chanelling your entire energy on it) So, I did it. I manifested my FIRST HOME.

I begin to intuitively journaling with cuttings, soft pastels and such.. I asked for the divine's kindness to hear me out and be patient with me while I excitedly draw and colour and paste my wishful thinking! Now, everytime I flip through the pages to draw on the next; I'll come across these particular pages and smile to myself- I take a moment to be still and focus my entire loving thoughts of wanting a wonderful safe haven for my mother and I, so that we no longer have to move and be homeless; "A Place I Can Call Home..."

As an Art Therapist in training, I truly recommend you to try Art Journaling too. Anything you wish OR hope for, there's nothing wrong with painting a pretty picture about it. And if you feel a little sad, ask yourself "what do you desire most? or what would make you happy?" then paint it! and wait for the magic to begin...

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