Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cold Magik

I've recently returned from my 6-year anniversary and it was truly memorable. Ups downs flowing smoothly and so on. I learned about love and how beautiful love is when it is merged. I learned connection in the soul and how beautiful it is when two people share a profound relationship. The paradox experiences has brought us this far and more to come.

As we rekindle, our interest unfolded more and more while the little things like yummy ice cream and winning plushies excites us. Because we were children once again, our inner-child emerged and like little boy and little girl, we held hands to enjoy the present moment. Everything there was allowed us to go within and brought the little child in us; it was pure innocence and love was not lust but love was compassion, forgiveness, wisdom and peace.

It was wonderful. My friend, my lover, the mate to my soul.
I loved every moment because I was child again. And I can be that child, we can be that child while we remember the things we love again as a child.

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