Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ego & Emo: New Painting

Note: You will only see imperfection if you choose to see imperfection. Art isn't just about perfection or technique, for it is about connection with your inner self thru colours and drawings of images you see in your mind's eye.

3rd Sept 2011~

Here's some updates to my painting.. its almost done. I'm doing some final finishing touches on it. I think the tough part is the embossed moon and sun. I've also added some bronze hue for some shadow so it doesn't look so flat. Anyways, there are still much more to do on the sun and the moon. I'll be touching up this real soon. Everytime i see the halo around the girl, it always reminds me of a picture of Our Lady Madonna (Mother Mary).

16th August 2011~

A new inspiration; i drew the card-God from the deck of oracle cards. Now i am painting on my relationship with God.


  1. Wow Shia Lynn, I love the flow of the hair of the girl, the flower halo behind her head, n is she making magic (looks like a fireball to me-very harry Potter!) hope to see the finished work on ur blog!

  2. Hello! oh thank you so much for dropping by!I dont really have much visitors! hehehe.. its actually a half sun and moon she is holding- ego and emotion. Thank you for your support. Quite a hard time painting it actually not sure why. But i realised, there's alot running thru my mind when i'm painting this particular painting.