Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Recycling cool calendars

I like what i recently did with an old calendar i have been keeping aside for so long; just waiting for me to use it for the right moment. It's been bout 3 years now that i've kept the calendar; i knew i was going to be able to make use of it sometime and luckily i followed my heart (hoarder or not! lol!) and kept it. So, since i had to do my art therapy homework for colour-emotions encyclopedia, i thought to myself, "hey! i like things that are handy, cute and organized." i thought maybe for a change since i am on the whole new me path, why not be creative with it then. That's when i decided to dig this out and started planning.

I actually skip one page each on the calendar because it had some really nice inspiring quotes on it. Plus, it was professionally designed by a design house. So, i thought i would use some artblock paper to cut them into plain swatches, glue them on the page and label each of it with emotions and then paint a picture of how i would describe the emotion.

When i was doing this last night, i noticed how different my colours and images were compared to the first one i did during my level 1 with Eva. I still use orange for most of it, but i also noticed i started using alot of brown. I associate many things with smell, colour, images; this has helped me sort them out alot.

PS: I've uploaded new pictures on my Shia Lynn Folio (Black and White series). feel free to check them out.

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