Friday, October 28, 2011

I am Xerxes

You might wonder why I am posting up pictures of my own hands. I just thought of recording down the random things that I do for myself. Just last week I decided to paint my nails gold. Very gold, gold! We had a bottle of gold nail polish in the office because we were doing a charity project and designing the organisation’s leaflets. One of the designers who were working on it thought of experimenting it by using nail polish to give a little touch up before presenting it to the clients and my bosses. I thought it’ll be fun to do something I’ve never done before- painting my nails gold. Haha! I thought to myself, I’ve always lived my life with routine or that sometimes it’s pretty predictable with me. If those who knows me well, like Justin, he would know what I’d say, colour that I’d choose, what I’d order at the restaurant, stuff like that. Those who know me well would expect that I’d prefer black nails than any other colour.

(Just a simple scenario) Sometimes, even in my thoughts, those who know me well, like my beloved, would know what I’d say or how I’d think. I know it sounds like I am predictable but I think it’s more than that; I think that we humans are comfortable with ourselves and what we were surrounded with all these while.
So when I painted my nails Gold for fun, doing something authentic; I thought to myself- hey my mind can do this too! A bit slow in realizing even though it’s something really common, but I got all that from the gold nails! Haha! It was fun though; painting my nails gold. At first it was weird and I had quite a few negative comments for my self too, like “eww, it looks like some trailer park woman’s nails!” My colleagues found it weird too. My beloved said I looked like Xerxes from Persia, like in the movie 300! My other colleague said I looked like a queen in gold asleep for a million years. That’s nice, like a goddess! Haha!
Eventually I grew to like it; I saw that it was more than just the colour. The colour gold was how elegant and sophisticated if I knew what to wear it with. It made my skin looked nice too like honey. And for once, I actually decided to be nice and compliment myself for a change.

Silly me, I got this all out of just nail polish! Haha!

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