Thursday, October 6, 2011

I know one day i will

I know i have not been posting much of my healing art lately, but i'm the kinda' person who also seek music to heal my soul. And i like the feeling when friends or colleagues recommend me new meaningful songs and i listen to them; if i like it and i connect with it, i know that i meant to like the band or the singer. A colleague of mine recently recommended me this band called 'Lady Antebellum', genre- folk pop. I don't usually listen to much pop, but i like contemporary adult songs to rock / metal and Jazz blues.

Ever since i was a child, i was connected to music, lyrics, poetry, etc. My mother told me that as a baby/toddler (too young to even understand words) i would cry / laugh each time my sister either sings a song with sad / happy lyrics. yes, lyrics. As if i understood it. haha! Hence, my love for music. My loving boyfriend used to ask me about my strange interest in certain songs that so happen is sung by mainstream radio friendly over-rated singers; i would tell him that strangely, i was connected more to the lyrics, the rythm rather than the singer.

Anyways, not to get diverted again... i was telling my colleague that the songs sung (especially Just a Kiss) from this band gives me the feeling of.. well if i describe the picture in my head it would be- A house, painted in white, there is calm silence, by the sea... with bright sun... the air smell of fresh ocean smell.. . Beautiful isn't it? haha! And she told me that this is what 'bliss' probably feels or look like. So, i decided to listen on to this song.. and i think it has quite a profound meaning. I would like to share it to you, my reader. Hopefully it would speak to you like how it has spoke to me about my inner-journey.Do read the lyrics. Enjoy!

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