Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Savoring the moment: arch enemy

After Evanescence (something light for myself), after Korn (something both my soulmate and i share) and now Arch Enemy; i am glad to have this chance to be able to meet them. And i think it is great that there are companies who are bringing in various talented metal and rock bands as such. I think the moment here i would like to savor is that i am able to share this moment with my soulmate. Something we both have been listening to for past 5 years. He opened the doors to music for me..

Being there last night, standing in front of the stage (awesome view), i tried to take it every single moment of it, enjoying every bit of it. These are the little things in life i would like to remember always.. being in the moment.. The best part is, knowing that there are bands with lyrics that share the same views about one self.

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