2010 | Do What You Love. -Shia Lynn

Monday, December 20, 2010

My first and second fashion show

Taylor's College Students held event in aid of MALAYSIAN AIDS FOUNDATION

To read about my past show: L-LYNN along side with Keith Kee, please click HERE and read under the topic 'Hope Seekers Foundation'.

*Shia Lynn thanks Taylor's College Management for posting up the news. Image & link courtesy of Taylor's College Website and Campus News


Organized in conjunction of a pageant contest called PLU Icon- organized by Purple Lab, an eventful mixture for womyn-kind.

Theme: 'Reconstructed' a.k.a Altered Fashion (with handmade/painted masks)
Project: Costumes for contestants in altered clothing- handpainted, sewn, reconstructed & embellished.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Beneath I knew that it was coming,

A shade of tinted glass blinded me to see,

Until it was photographed,

That was when I was struck to believe.

Not once, not twice, but altogether,

In repetition.

I have made the same sound,

I have welled up many times before,

Crazy I, was painted all the time,

Until it was photographed,

And I knew I had to believe.

Everyday I watch,

Waiting for the painful part to be over,

No longer would I,

Let myself be blind.

Yet I always end up doing the same thing not just twice.

Until it was photographed,

It is now I stood to believe.

SL- 18th June 2010