Thursday, June 30, 2011



My trouble-colour no more.

As I visualize you,

there I sit safely in your Indigo-pool.

Like soothing water flowing over me,

from above you reach into my soul,

and here on earth you connect with me.

-SL 1 July 2011-

Monday, June 27, 2011

Divine Art Therapy Lessons

I had a fulfilling weekend (25 & 26th June) I shall never forget because it is the weekend where my wish came true.

What wish? one would ask. Well, let's see...

1. To learn art / colour therapy
2. learning how colour plays an important part in our lives
3. learning about chakra and chakra meditation
4. intuitive card reading (this is funny, i was just thinking, manifesting it to myself not too long ago of how i wish i could learn how to do readings)
5. Healing
6. Discover and unfold the goddess within me (my inner beauty)
7. A journey with self
8. undersanding my relationship with others and how i can improve them through therapy
9. painting- enhancing my art skills thru therapy
10. abstract painting! I always admired how some artist could just paint freely, wihtout restrictions- and their colourful painting could mean so many things (like jackson pollock's)

Now i understand how my favourite artist, Van Gogh feels.. maybe i can analyze his paintings too with the colours he uses.. =D

Thank you Eva for making it wonderful!

" An art therapist helps people work through their psychological problems through creativity. You combine knowledge of therapy and art to help clients handle stress, work through trauma and realize their potential as human beings. You must be a good listener and believe in the healing powers of art to do this work. " (adapted from E-How: How to become an Art Therapist)

Friday, June 17, 2011

My 1st Session with Eva Diva

It truly feels good to be able to draw freely. During my first healing session with Eva San (who has inspired me to paint again) so many feelings and emotions evoke. I drew with crayons so freely, felt like a child again, except now someone can direct me with my drawings, using them to heal me. I am glad that i have started painting once again. A part of me has awaken, even though its still in a roller coaster ride, but I am starting to think, starting to feel, starting to communicate with my mind and my heart, my body... thanks Eva. =)

*Dear visitors, if you wish to take my pictures here, please email me for permission as these pictures are only for personal keepsake.