Tuesday, September 20, 2011


A funny thought came to my mind this morning on the way to work with my mom in the car. I reminisce back on my childhood days and a familiar incident came to my mind. (i don't even know how my mind can lead to there) and it was something quite unsolved and i wondered to myself at the same time; why haven't find out yet at all? I could just easily ask around now. =) I laughed to myself and so i said asked my mom..

Me: Ma, what do you call a woman who is not married?

Mom: You mean, in english ar?

Me: -_-" ya la. Is it a 'spinster'? Is that the term?

Mom: Ah, ya lor. But got difference wan, ah.. women who are above a certain age is called a spinster i think. Why ar?

Me: Coz hor, you know when i was young you used to buy all those english exercise books for me to do and practise. So, there was once exercise i remembered ya, that had all those terms for people who are not married or like the term to label someone whose husband has passed away- things like that la!

Mom: Ah then..

Me: So hor, there was one time i remember i was excited that i learned the new word-spinster. So one day, PS(My cousin's wife) came over to our house and i think i was about 10 years old at that time. So, she asked me about Aunty.A i think, and i was so excited to be able to use the new word so i told her "Ya! Aunty.A is not married! She is a spinster!"

Mom: (She started laughing)

Me: Then, PS told me i cannot call people a spinster, she said it was very rude of me to call someone that. But how would i know wor, i was excited to use the word because i learned it from an exercise book. It was educational to me! And she never told me why it was wrong. She just said i cannot use that word coz its rude and she said it should be a bachelor / bachelorette. But i was young, and i can only remember that i was just using a new word i learned ma! i was so innocence. So actually what is the word?

Mom: Oh.. if its a young girl then you call her a bachelor-girl la. If its older then its a spinster la.

Me: Oh ... (not satisfied because it didnt answer my query)

lol! Just a funny moment to share with you. =) I remember back then at that moment, i was wondering to myself "does it matter what if i label her as a Spinster?" (Of course not in such an adult way-lah!) Anyways, as a child i used to question alot. If someone tells me no, i'd ask why. Though i dont understand what made me not ask my cousin back why can't i say the word-Spinster. I noticed that this is the way of the world. There isn't really right or wrong at all. Just terms and labels we give to ourselves that makes it more complicated. And some of it are man made rules which makes ourselves even more frustrated when others dont follow. You hear some people say "You Must.." but if you track back down, who said it is a must? This is just something i do, i question, i am not trying to imply anything at all so don't get me wrong. This is just one example in my life. Just that my child-like innocence sometimes enables me to question and ponder about the way of the world. So basically, is it really wrong (or rude) to say the word- Spinster or is it us (people) who thinks it's wrong just because it doesn't sound nice at all?

But isn't a label, just a label? At the end, what matters is who we are inside, isn't it?

Monday, September 19, 2011

On Alone

Alone isn't loneliness; it is a chance for realization to happen on true happiness and wisdom when time spent in silence.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I wonder...

When it is full moon night,
I am engrossed at the very sight.

Wondering the illuminating light

that surrounds it, glowing bright.

Death comes easy,

like falling asleep.

Travelling into the light,

Who do you see and what can you touch?

So if you want to know,

give in, give in, don't fight.

Music heals your soul,

to read in between the lines.

Humming to the sweet rhythm that speaks to your heart,

only you and the singer understands it so.

Another day goes by
another hour not to waste.

Yet I still do,

am still learning, am still new.

Yet I know not pain or anger,

but illusion that is uncontrollable.

I was born of a white piece of paper,

the world splats ink and colours of all sorts.

I strive to give, give, give,

I also strive to take, take, take.

No i am not ungrateful,

i've learned; merely the ones who take have taken what they need.

And I have give, given to those who need or want,

I took, took what i deserve and what is given.

This is the way,

is this the way?

could it not be another way?

and i wonder, if there was another way, would i still be here?

So if there is another way, could this be a wrong way?

Or there is no right or wrong way?
Just things happen, happen for a reason.

A reason to happen, to let it happen for another reason.

And so I wonder...

-SL. 15 Sept 2011-

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ego & Emo: New Painting

Note: You will only see imperfection if you choose to see imperfection. Art isn't just about perfection or technique, for it is about connection with your inner self thru colours and drawings of images you see in your mind's eye.

3rd Sept 2011~

Here's some updates to my painting.. its almost done. I'm doing some final finishing touches on it. I think the tough part is the embossed moon and sun. I've also added some bronze hue for some shadow so it doesn't look so flat. Anyways, there are still much more to do on the sun and the moon. I'll be touching up this real soon. Everytime i see the halo around the girl, it always reminds me of a picture of Our Lady Madonna (Mother Mary).

16th August 2011~

A new inspiration; i drew the card-God from the deck of oracle cards. Now i am painting on my relationship with God.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Divine Art Soul's first session

S'funny how the recent 3 day raya holiday felt as if it was the weekend. On Tuesday i thought it was a Saturday, on Wednesday it felt like a Sunday. Yesterday felt like Sunday again because today i have to be back at work and it feels like a Monday, though actually its a Friday. I've got the monday blues on friday... i have 3 articles waiting for me but my mind is still on holiday. Not that it is resting.. no.. it is always chattering, worrying, thinking thinking thinking...

My mind is still thinking about my first creative healing session with a good friend of mine. =) (*Thanks Li Ling). It was fun; I remember waking up on Tuesday morning and getting ready. As i took a cab to Empire, i thought to myself.. wow, such a beautiful morning. I even took a picture of Empire's entrance to show that how beautiful the morning was. haha!
We had our little session at Starbucks... it was so nice to be in a cozy corner watching Li Ling doodling away with oil pastel. I told her that my oil pastel has been with me eversince i was 12; won it at a local art competition. I remember how i didnt have the heart to use it, afraid i might damage it or something. But i told myself that someday i am pretty sure i will put it to good use. And i did. =D

My day was pretty interesting. I had a really good session with Li Ling and great conversation too. It is true that we are constantly learning all the time, and everyday, a little insight comes along the way to us. Little lessons...

I am really happy that finally i am able to put my method to use. I must admit that before this, i was feeling down because i wanted to so much to conduct case studies but i dont know where to start. Eva told me to surrender to the divine and just ask. And so i did... i guess being the impatient me, foolishly i was eager for results. What i fail to notice was that I wasn't positive enough.. When i decided to change things around and started writing methods just in case for future workshop sessions; i was already manifesting for things to happen. When Li Ling volunteered, i experienced a sudden burst of motivation to improve the entire method.
I felt like a child once again...looking forward to meet a play mate. =)

It only took two hours; after that we talked. I learned that there's a place to paint on plaster figurines in empire and i can't wait to check it out soon. =D

Good place to meet up with her again and do some therapeutic painting. Also a good place to go with Justin to do some therapeutic couple painting. hahah! I definitely look forward to conduct more sessions; i realised that being there for someone isn't just about helping but rather, i am learning from the other person as well. Though what i love most was being able to touch someone's life with light and love. Til then.