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Thursday, September 15, 2011


I wonder...

When it is full moon night,
I am engrossed at the very sight.

Wondering the illuminating light

that surrounds it, glowing bright.

Death comes easy,

like falling asleep.

Travelling into the light,

Who do you see and what can you touch?

So if you want to know,

give in, give in, don't fight.

Music heals your soul,

to read in between the lines.

Humming to the sweet rhythm that speaks to your heart,

only you and the singer understands it so.

Another day goes by
another hour not to waste.

Yet I still do,

am still learning, am still new.

Yet I know not pain or anger,

but illusion that is uncontrollable.

I was born of a white piece of paper,

the world splats ink and colours of all sorts.

I strive to give, give, give,

I also strive to take, take, take.

No i am not ungrateful,

i've learned; merely the ones who take have taken what they need.

And I have give, given to those who need or want,

I took, took what i deserve and what is given.

This is the way,

is this the way?

could it not be another way?

and i wonder, if there was another way, would i still be here?

So if there is another way, could this be a wrong way?

Or there is no right or wrong way?
Just things happen, happen for a reason.

A reason to happen, to let it happen for another reason.

And so I wonder...

-SL. 15 Sept 2011-

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