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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dewdrop of tears

I've got dewdrop of tears,

woken by a nightmare to stress & fear.

I've been managing with my self and I,

I thought you should know,

that it isn't really a pretty sight.

Dear Divine,

this dewdrop tears of mine.

tastes bitter this time,

Can I shout or cry? Is it a crime?

"Don't cry, don't die" said I,

"Don't ever give up, said I without a sigh.

Twas' not a dream but an inside voice,

Twas' that inside voice that won't tell lies.

Dear Divine,

listen to the trickling dewdrop tears of mine...

Help my self and I,

oh please if you may, oh please,

Please help me, this dewdrop tears of mine.

-SL. 19th July 2011-

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