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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dear Magdalene...

I have just purchased the Magdalene Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno. Thanks to Eva, my creative sensei; I have fallen in love with his intuitive paintings. I remember when i first laid eyes on them and held them in my hands during my first Card-Reading lessons; i was mesmerized his Universal Love cards. My first reading was to connect intuitively with the colours and read them.. it was kind of easy with Eva's cards because the artist's colours are very expressive.

As stated in my previous post, i decided to make one of it come true. Last week, i googled for the artist's website, and found a collection of his cards, books, paintings and more. The one that caught my eye was the Magdalene Oracle Cards (right). I was mesmerized again, it took my breath away. The same feeling came back again when I asked God to show me which Saint i should be named after. Twas' Mary Magdalene.. the intuitive, graceful, mysterious & creative Saint who was loved greatly by Jesus. I cried, i thanked God.. there were so many other names, yet it fell on this one. Means Repentance.

Twas' the same feeling I had when I saw a book called the Book of Mary Magdalene written by an inspiring author (sorry, cant remember her name). It was paradox!

So, even with this cards, i kept thinking about it. Its the same feeling everytime i see that name or hear it, or read it somewhere. Magdalene is mysterious to me, the name is magical to me...

I looked up in Malaysia and found Lightworks had it, emailed them, and turned out they only had ONE left. Twas' the Magdalene cards. There were alot of thinking, tossing, doubtfulness because I was worried about cash- but i thought of my creative advancement, and of course to make myself happy... so i purchased it.

Thank you Lightworks!

If you would like to know more about the cards or the artist, do click on the link below. You'd know why am I in love with the colours and paintings!

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