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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My magical abundance

I have been compiling my works recently, from time to time, ranging from writings, poems to illustrations. Although there is a long more way to go to compile all of it to publish a book. Nonetheless, tables have turn now and when it comes to my creative work, I am glad that I no longer give in to the works of unworthiness. Yes, I will always be a "Work in Progress", and my heart guides my hands each time I write or hold a marker to draw. But, unworthiness will no longer come in between me and my creative self. I have finally found the true meaning of Art and Creativity... no longer bound by the ideas of society's perception of how art is suppose to be. 

Art is not money, art is the soul, and money is abundance. So, if I allow myself to fall in love with my work and believe in it, abundance will always come naturally. 

I recently got promoted at work. I am still trying to get use to the feeling of getting promoted because honestly, I have never gotten an incredible achievement ever throughout my whole working life. My promotion was unlike others, who was recognized by their bosses, etc. For me, it was entirely different- I seized the opportunity when opportunity was there for me waiting to be seized! And after all that has happened, after much thought, I realized that it is the same thing for abundance. To me, abundance (or money, whichever you might want to call it) is not something that would fall from the sky when you put out your hands. 

My two cents on Abundance:
- An opportunity
- An opportunity has to be seized as it would not come knocking on your door. 
- Instead, we knock on its door by believing & loving ourselves and our work, for it is magic. 
- And magic can only happen when you believe in it. 

So, back to being promoted, I thank God, the universe, my higher self for being the core motivation for me to move forward each day. To help me make decisions intuitively to seize opportunities. 

To loving what I already have and loving my Self most of all.

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