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Monday, October 3, 2011

A Relationship from Within

On Saturday night, i attended a talk at Clove & Clive; a preview talk by a mentor named, Geraldine. I was prompted a question as well as other participants too. A question that i was never really asked before until that night- why do we need relationships? I like the fact that i was being asked that question because i found a little wisdom in it; I have never really stop to ponder on this or check back with my intentions so that I dont find myself caught in a web of unwanted situations. Throughout my journey, currently love, relationships and compassion has become quite an interesting topic in my phase (i call it phase / level become each time it gets harder as i learn from everyone around me as earth is my school and people are my teachers) and something i know i can begin to work on as it starts with me. Back; So when i was asked, the first thought that came to my mind was "to spend & share the rest of my life with someone".. but as i dwell deeper, breaking it down...another answer came in from pondering about what exactly is it that two people want from each other; hence my answer was "to fulfill each other's needs & wants".

My eyes are now opened i began to take note that this is happening in various forms of relationships such as work, families, friends, acquaintances and yes, strangers... i never noticed this before.

It began to dawn on me we are all naturally interdependent on one another, and i find that there is actually quite a beautiful act of compassion behind it. Some might disagree because the world has shaped and stereotyped for us that we should all be independent, and so individuals are trying to find various ways to fight for their independence in relationships, countries, etc.. But what if for once we change the way we see things? What if we try to see interdependence as a beautiful act of compassion instead of something that is struggled to obtain or acquire... another ponder; what is compassion?

The word compassion is commonly used, yet there is quite a profound meaning behind it which i think many have not realized it. Words are just words after all, but it is in the act that brings out the meaning of the word itself. I learned that the word compassion means "common passion". And so, it is easier said than done, but i find that not many, even myself, are able to practice it unless until we fully understand the act of unconditional love by understanding that you do not want the other person (enemy or friend) to suffer the same conditions or consequences because you have experienced it before. Again these are just my thoughts and my opinions...

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