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Monday, October 10, 2011

The "Perfect" stranger

To the man that i never offered kindly when you are on the streets,
i could've given it to you for free,
but i was silently shocked at the moment.

Now i questioned myself,
why did ignore you,
It was just a cigarette which is all you need.
I don't pity you in fact for being frank,
I pity that the world do not understand you.

So, now you walk on the streets unaware and unguided,
you are harmless and polite.
Just your appearance in one feature in my life
made a difference to me the main character in my own story.

I am breaking down my thoughts now,
you gave me the chance to understand and search.

You are a perfect stranger,
you are not lost in your world,
you are not crazy as what they would say,
you are perfect in your way.

-10th October 2011, SL.-

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