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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

With a touch of grace, into the new year 2012

happy new year to everyone, may the divine continue to bless us all with wisdom and inner peace.

I have been so busy lately that i dont even have time to update my blog; although, i am capable of controlling time yet i do not realise that i can do so like how i did it once. Nonetheless, i shall not complain because despite being busy, i still manage to fulfill many other tasks and things that i've been wanting to do. So while i grace into the new year of 2012, i'd like to sit back here (on this blog virtually, haha!) and pat on my back the things that i've managed to do:

1. went for a romantic expensive dinner at a german bar & restaurant with Justin for a nice german meal- something i never done before.

2. registered The Artsy Craftsy to a dot com.

3. creating more pages for the good of the creative community.

4. helped out a good friend as her PR and managed to get her an interview with the local newspaper.

5. set up a bazaar to promote Craft and Closet

6. worked hard at my day job

7. paid off my study loan

8. spent less in clothes haha!

9. got my name out there, for starters at least.

10. my birthday; my colleagues were wonderful enough to surprise me when the clock strike 12. I had to worked overtime at the office for some project. On the day of my birthday, i had a cozy and wholesome birthday with Justin and my favorite cake- White Macadamia Chocolate!!!

And so much more to list out...

My new year resolution this; to continue being positive in all thoughts, actions, reflections, everyday forever.

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