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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gratitude to Getaways

My Love
 and a "Big LadyBug" for me!
I had a blast at Genting again. This time we needed the getaway ever since the pile up projects at work almost devoured me. I had a lot of chance to my thoughts when i was away. This time, i noticed how and why i felt the familiar feeling of anxiety and little misery when it was our last night there. I had the chance to observe my surroundings, people and the atmosphere when i stepped into a casino; even noticed how my behavior changed when i was surrounded with Asians who, many, were very tensed and stressed up at the Casino dealer's table.And an idea came to mind again, money is nothing. For decades and lifetimes, money has been the source of many happenings and reasons. But really, it is just a piece of paper, with some mandatory images and descriptions printed on it; and us, we give power to money. We bring it to life. But what if we didn't? What value would there be in Money?

Anyways, all that money-thing aside, i think like-wise with anxiety. So, i thought to myself "this time i will not give in to feeling worry, misery or any negative energy that would be able to bring me down and affect my holiday." And a pat on my back, i enjoyed myself! =)

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