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Monday, April 9, 2012


Sometimes the smallest things in life happens to be one of the most important realization.

You see, I have a DVD player that is not able to read DVDs well unless they are original copies. It gets old because it demotivates me to watch a good movie while I do my chores. Time and time again I remind myself that I have a standby player which I can easily hook it up and my problem would be solved. But of course, comes the procrastination. My mind starts to give excuses like, "but the current machine is of sentimental value or cant move the TV to plug the wires." Eventually, I let these thoughts take over me and complained about the machine failing me without realizing that I was being irresponsible of my own actions.

So here I am trying to play a movie again, trying to on and off it until it reads the DVD.. But this time, I though to myself, how long am I going to go through this procrastination when all I have to do is just take a little effort to try and hook up the new player instead.

A new found realization came through and I realized, I only thought it's hard because I gave myself excuses.. Not realizing that I let these excuses or negativity be part of me to stop me from being able to enjoy the little things in life.

Now, I am eager to make the switch. Moral of the story: Don't say I can't before I can.

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