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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Within my space

I have often wondered to myself, if given a hypothetical scenario; would it be natural if I confront a person who is causing trouble to others, or if I approach a person who is in trouble without the person requesting for help?...or would it be unnatural if I just be and observe from afar and not interfering with what ever that is going on in that person's space?...I have often reminded myself this, whether I may be right or not, that if I approach the person causing or experiencing trouble, I think that I might be interfering with the natural experience the person might be experiencing. And since there is much more cause and effect rather than right or not, I probably would be altering the effect of the experience one is encountering or need to encounter if I do step in. So, question here is, would it be cruel to not take action when you witness a trouble? Still, in our complicated human world, some feel the need to do something about it because they feel a sense of protectiveness or responsibility. Some were also told to be ignorant for not doing something bout it. Nonetheless, it would be necessary to always check with our intentions first before we proceed to take the next step. Perhaps that must've been how the phrase begun "it's not my place to speak or do..." because really...sometimes the best thing to do is to just be.

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