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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thirty and Thriving

I left this post empty but with a fixed title because I was:

1. Busy
2. Mentally blogging in my head

I finally turned 30 last Wednesday and like being sprinkled with pixie dust... I instantly woke up feeling different. Perhaps it was the thought that I was a year older, all I know was I begin to see the world differently.

No longer belong to the 20's group, being 30, the world has a different set of requirements for you. People may higher expectations from you, especially your family, but I personally think that the only expectation you need to focus on are your own.

I think I handled turning 30 pretty well. I didn't have a fancy birthday bash; no surprise party, no expensive dinner, nope. Just an incredibly big bunch of birthday wishes and I am thankful for that.

Apart from me asking my other half if I can stay 29, I had a quiet one and was already happy enough that it was simple and breezy. (He also got me a three and zero candle to rub it in, haha!)

Perhaps it is also because we have a lot on our plate: It is the year that I decided to leave my job, there were a lot of commitments to focus our attention on. Plus, when you are running a start up company, there are plenty of things to consider before spending your money. I would see this as a good experience, something that I know I can look back someday and say to myself: I have come far.

So, anyways, I spent my 30th at the Etsy Meets Malaysia meet. I told my other half that as much as I want to do something on my birthday, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I mean seriously, who knows what will happen to me tomorrow, a week's time, a month's or even a year later? I felt myself at cross roads, one act could change a lot of things. I chose to go instead, and met more people from the community. It was a small event, but I was happy to be there. It was certainly something to remember.

When you are an entrepreneur, there a few things you need to keep an eye out on. It is like playing monopoly- you need to go pass and take $200. You need to avoid the jail card (metaphor for self-created blockages) and you need to seize opportunity and plan ahead when buying a property, especially when time is right. A little gift called intuition helps especially when you are in this trade.

Always, always trust your gut.

My lesson at 30.

Today, I came across an article online about young entrepreneurs below 29. I was just there a week ago... but it's alright, because I will be there.

Happy 30th, Me.

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