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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lessons I Have Learned from Working for Myself

I spent my teenage years wondering what my 20's would be like. I envisioned that I would be living in a 2-storey house, an entrance with a lot of lighting. I saw myself spending quality time with my family, while my kids and I gather at a short, round worktable, doing crafts.

Later on as a college student, I pictured myself in my 30's. It felt so far away. But I saw myself a career, business woman, probably in an advertising agency, possibly in another country since at that time all I wanted was to apply for a university in Perth to study photo journalism.

None of the above happened.

As a matter of fact, I took a different path instead. I started late as a copywriter, and thought hell, why not put my diploma to a good use. All these happened, and as the years went by, I finally decided to call it quits.

So this year, the year that I turn 30, is the year that I finally took a big leap of faith and went solo.

It was definitely not how I envisioned myself to be, far from what I saw in myself when I was a kid or in college... I am probably one hippie at heart creativepreneur who decided to do things her way.

If you are wondering if I regret my ways and wish I could turn back time, I would tell you NO.

Is it tough? YES.

Easy? NO.

Fun? Yes... some days no. Honestly, I spend my days in front of the computer, sometimes pacing back and forth trying to crack my head with ideas just to stay ahead. When I cannot think anymore, I lay in bed, watching episodes after episodes of my favourite TV series (which I will not reveal here). 

Now that that the series is over, I need a new series to watch.


Among everything that I have went through and experienced... the tears, the excitement, the rush...
the one thing that I enjoy the most is learning. 

When you are flying solo on your own, and you have no colleague, supervisor or an art director to turn to, you have to learn how to be independent especially with picking up new skills and knowledge.

It is like the kid in the movie 300, where he gets thrown into the wild at a young age and learn how to survive.

I personally think that, if I didn't quit my job to take this route, I won't be here to experience the knowledge that would make me stronger each day as an entrepreneur.

When you are flying solo, you learn to see things differently in a different light. You learn to cope and tackle your own emotions and issues. You are forced to deal with problems like a grown up.

It also puts you in a spot to be brave because you are no longer taking money from your employers. It's almost like leaving home and not living off your parents.


If someone scoffs at you when you tell them you are self-employed, and mocks you for having so much free time... smack that person's head! No I am just kidding! Haha! Don't do that. But what you can do is you might want to consider staying away from that person. Clearly they don't take what you do seriously, and as an entrepreneur, always surround yourself with positive and wise people.

You will know when you meet one.

Trust your gut.

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