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Friday, January 18, 2013


I've finally moved back to my old place in the office. Feels new, feels fresh and as strange as it sounds, it is actually the same place as before. All it took was just a month and a half's renovation for that "new" atmosphere.

It's amazing how much change can affect a person; how it can make a difference to us in such small simple ways.

Change is good. Sometimes change is bad too. But that's common to many, that is how we were programmed to think or feel. Perhaps it is because it requires us to move out of our comfort zone, out of our "ordinary" instead of the usual. Yet we are such complicated creatures because when we have the "usuals" we complain about our lives being a routine, a ritual, mundane etc. and yet at the same time, we want...well...'change' in a way. And no matter how much the universe grants us that change to spare us the boredom of life, yet we complicated creatures like to find nitty gritty stuff to pick on it. We can never be satisfied and grateful for something that comes along our way, no matter how much good we can get out of it. Because of that, we end up telling everyone we know the "down-swings" in our lives...

I may be able to relate if someone were to complain about change. I was once there too. Strange though as whenever I share about my past experiences, I feel as if i am sharing someone's else's tale. I guess I have already learned to embrace this idea of 'Change'. It happens to me everyday in my life, and i'm sure it has too with everyone else's.

Anyways, I love my new office. Its kinda' nice, cozy, and modern with the "studio" feel. I like my desk, where I sit- again its cozy cos its a corner. I like the tranquilizing white coloured table, the pink book-end, my purple pillow, computer given by my kind boss, and the little miniatures I stuck onto the phone!

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