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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Envy is a never ending game

Ever browse through a friend's Facebook photos, and thought to yourself 'how nice, so many of them are now happily exploring the world..' or 'oh getting married huh? hmm...' or 'Wow a glamorous job?'

I have to admit, whenever I learn about this or that friend getting married, or travelling to a country I've always wanted to visit, or earning more than me...I envy too. At one time, I can say that I always wish I was in their shoes, doing what they do, earning the same whack load of money they are earning, etc.

The list goes on...
Exactly! If i were to write down the number of things I wish for based on my envies on others, the list would definitely go on and one and on...

I came to a realization sometime ago that there's only so much I can wish for. I thought at first its okay to wish; everyone wishes, yes. But I didn't realize that I was turning into a 'green-with-envy monster'... and slowly, I ended up forgetting my Self, and then comes the anxiety, misery, etc.

Yesterday I learned something very interesting about the mind; i knew about this already but after listening to a podcast about inner-work, whatever it is reminded me that 'Envy' is just another part of my mine- along with angry, sad, happy, etc.

Today, I understand why I envied others; for instance, a friend's good fortune in earning a lot. Like many, I was taught since young that when I grow up, it was important that I earn a living. If possible, I must earn a lot! hence, study hard to get a job that pays well. Basically the whole point of studying because you enjoy, and working the job you love was forgotten. And we were also taught to find a suitor that is rich (again, the part about building a loving relationship, etc was left out)... the 'list' goes on.

What happened after that? Our minds stored those data (hence the term 'brainwash') and we kept it in our dusty filing cabinet; unconsciously it became part of our lives (same goes for anything hurtful that happened in the past). We go on with our lives with that data stored in our heads, which influenced our actions. 

When we envy others, it is not our fault; for it is only part of the data that (did not come along with our minds) was 'input' into our minds (think USB drive).

I want to thank G for sharing the podcast on Divine Women Sanctuary group page- though the audio was about relationships and its mirrors, but I received another divine message from it instead. Thank you.

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