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Monday, January 7, 2013

Simplicity makes complex

With another new year just rolled in, another calling for me to make necessary changes.

I have renewed this whole website's look. After doing a lot of research, and testing a number of free blog templates, I finally thought that I should give myself some time off from it and just keep it simple. I told myself that even though I might receive comments about my website not being "creative or colourful" enough, I will tell myself that it is okay because I finally realized that is not how my website looks, but the content instead that speaks from my heart.

Perhaps I should apply that to The Artsy Craftsy's template; which is currently going through another round of revamp (again). I should just go with my heart and call out the colour that calls out to me.

2012 was not only a year of expansion for The Artsy Craftsy, but also, after seeking out for collaborations and attempting to organize contests and give away while partnering with sponsors, I have come to realized that perhaps I need to take a look at my goals once more for the blog. I need to reconsider again my plans for the blog and what I plan to achieve or what I want out of it. Most of all- my intentions.

Perhaps I have gone astray with the blog; but it is okay, as I need the experience to get where I am now. Perhaps I need it to remember my roots, my one true purpose of blogging in the first place through the voice of The Artsy Craftsy. Perhaps it was only through this that at that time, that was when abundance flowed in...

perhaps I needed a reminder.

And I thank the universe for that reminder.

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